Carole Knibbe

Associate Professor in Computational Biology

My name is Carole Knibbe. I am Full Professor in Computational Biology at INSA Lyon (National Institute for Applied Sciences), Lyon, France. I build mathematical and computational models of biological systems, with applications in molecular evolution, and, more recently, in lipid metabolism. I am a member of the CarMeN laboratory.

I am the head of the Biosciences department of INSA Lyon. I teach algorithmics and Python programming.


Address 1

Dept Biosciences
Bat. Louis Pasteur
11, avenue Jean Capelle
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex

You can get there with the T1 tramway line, stop at La Doua - Gaston Berger and walk to the Louis Pasteur building. Here is a map.

Phone 1
+33 4 72 43 80 85

Email 1
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carole.kni88e [X] insa-lyon.fr

Address 2

Laboratoire CarMeN
Hôpital Lyon Sud Secteur 2
Bâtiment CENS ELI-2D
165, chemin du grand Revoyet

You can get there with subway line B, stop at "Hôpital Lyon Sud" and walk to the CENS-ELI building (also called Building 2D). Here is a map.

Phone 2
+33 4 26 23 59 26

Email 2
Replace every 8 by the appropriate letter to get my second email address:
carole.kni88e [X] insa-lyon.fr


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